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June 27 –July 2 2019
Cultural centre Magacin, Belgrade, Serbia

Nemanja Čađo and Danica Selem, Zones of (dis)comfort: Spatial Hypersensitivities. Photo: Ana Vuković.

Zones of (dis)comfort: Spatial Hypersensitivities is imagined as an open research process/practice. It is an extension of a two year long exploration during master studies of scenographer Nemanja Čađo. One of the cores of this study, in its wider sense, is a relationship between body and space through spatial strategy of comfort zone. This notion is used as a model for dealing with personal memories, experiences of feelings in terms of specific space, ei how those individual and intimate repercussions can rearticulate or reframe subject place. More specific, this research course as open practice will move forward with questioning not only the zone of comfort but entering into areas of discomfort. Focus will be on situatedness of personal experiences and feelings of (dis)comfort in certain space with the aim towards zone of negotiation between different autonomies such as spatial or body “consequentialities”. 

Architect and researcher Danica Selem will join Nemanja in the Belgrade edition of the workshop that will be held in Cultural center Magacin. Danica’s practice considers ways in which space shapes our physical, social and emotional bodies and behaviors in everyday life through the concept of spatial victim. The concept was developed with her research and performance group Bodies Intersect Buildings. 

Nemanja made workshops on the notion of comfort zone with students and professionals in different places: Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Zagreb (Croatia), Fredrikstad (Norway), Oslo (Norway). Danica hosted workshops and large scale open practices at IPADÉ – A Prelude to the Shed (NYC), Pioneer Works Gallery (NYC) and Cornell University (Ithaca, NY) among others.

Workshop, open practice/long duration performance was realized as the program of the exhibition Silence is Deafness Here.

Supported by i-Portunus , Cultural centre MagacinCultural Centre of BelgradeBRINA.