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Gallery 90 60 90 and POGON -Zagreb Centre for Independent Culture and Youth

Zagreb, Croatia

Photo: Nenad Porobić.

Exhibitors: Nika Autor, Doplgenger, Maja Hodošček, Bojan Mrđenović, Davor Konjikušić, Nemanja Čađo i Danica Selem, minipogon, Roma Forum of Serbia (Dejan Marković and Zoran Kuzmanović), Kino club Barut (Nenad Porobić), Jelena Mijić, Nebojša Milikić, Ivana Smiljanić.

Curator: Mirjana Dragosavljević

The exhibition Silence Is Deafness Here examines the various migrations that have marked this region: from the figure of Gastarbeiter, through the war, and the so-called breakup of Yugoslavia, to the Balkan route. If we tried to map all past and present movements, we would get a moving image resembling an anthill – a river of endangered people. However, this is not an attempt to map all the movements in the search for the future, but a review of the fragments of certain journeys. How do we perceive them? What is our relationship towards them? How do we participate in them? How are we positioned within them? How do we (not) overcome them? The exibition is inspired by A Seventh Man (1975), a book in the form of photography and text by John Berger and Jean Mohr, on migrant workers in Europe.

Collaborators: Marijana Stanić, Tena Bakšaj

Organizer: Gallery 90 60 90

Co-organizers: POGON -Zagreb Centre for Independent Culture and Youth, BRINA, Kino club Barut

Supported by Zaklada “Kultura nova”, Ministarstvo kulture RH, Grad Zagreb – Gradski ured za obrazovanje, kulturu i šport.