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Film projections with discussions

Photo: Mirjana Dragosavljević

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE, USA, 2017, 108 minutes, drama

Director: Jason Hall

10.7.2019. at 19:30 h

Magacin at Kraljevića Marka 4

The film is a biographical war drama based on David Finkel’s award-winning book. David Finkel spent multiple months with soldiers one of the battalions based in Baghdad. His book depicts destinies of three returnee soldiers after the fifteen-month deployment in Iraq and their adaptation to everyday existence home.

LEAVE NO TRACE, USA, 2018, 109 minutes, drama

Director: Debra Granik

24.7.2019. at 19:30 h

Magacin at Kraljevića Marka 4

Based on a true story, the film depicts life of a war veteran and his daughter.

Films are presented and discussions led by Nenad Porobić, member of the Kino Club “Barut”, informal initiative NE rehabilitaciji! and portal Mašina’s editorial board.

The goal of these projections and discussions is to focus the attention on the fact which is often overlooked when presenting the issue if migrations, which is that lives of many refugees and migrants are determined by the wars for the redistribution of resources in the Near and Middle East. How does the recent American film industry represent the people who also have the experience of these wars, but from the position of a much more powerful conqueror, after returning home?

The program was realized as a part of the exhibition Silence is Deafness here and organized by Kino club BarutCultural Centre MagacinCultural Centre of BelgradeBRINA.